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Arbitration and Fact-Finding Cases

Listed below are some of the cases Jeanne Charles has presided over rendering either final and binding decisions or findings and recommendations to resolve the dispute.

  • AFSCME Council 31, Local 805 and Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Class Grievance (Staffing Levels)( 2007).
  • AFSCME Council 31, Local 51 and Illinois Department of Children and Families, Class Grievance (Hazardous Weather/Leave) (2007)
  • AFSCME Council 31, and Illinois State Police, Grievance of C. Fischer, (Secondary Employment) (2008).
  • AFSCME Council 31 and Illinois Department of Corrections, 20-day Suspension of J. Ahmad, et. al.,(Rules of Conduct Violations) (2008).
  • U.S. Department of the Air Force Minot AFB, North Dakota and AFGE Local 4046, Class Grievance (Performance Awards) (2008).
  • Appeal of J. Soguero and Miami-Dade Transit Authority (Workplace Violence) (2009)
  • United Steelworkers, Local 2154-42 and Commercial Forged Products, Inc., Dismissal of D. White, (Attendance) ( 2009).
  • AFSCME Council 79 and State of Florida Dept. of Transportation, Dismissal of C. Villoria, (Performance) (2010).
  • Florida Police Benevolent Association and Escambia County Sherriff's Office, Grievance of J. Mullis, (Holiday Leave Pay) (2010).
  • IBEW and MidAmerican Energy Company, Grievance of T. Brown, et al., (Contracting Out) (2011).
  • AFSCME Council 79, Local 121 and Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Dept. (3-day suspension of Y. Lopez) (2011).
  • Appeal of M. Dupree and Miami-Dade Police Department, (Off-Duty Conduct) (2012).
  • Appeal of J. Lopez and Miami-Dade Transit Agency, (Discourteous Conduct) (2012).
  • Escambia Education Association and the School District of Escambia County, Dismissal of W. Aydelott, (Inappropriate Conduct) (2012).

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