Unmatched Commercial Law Service in Fort Lauderdale

Jeanne Charles, ESQ is a premier boutique commercial law firm located in Fort Lauderdale. Jeanne Charles, ESQ’s size, which is small by design, allows me to focus all my attention on my individual clients. This tailored and customized approach to commercial interactions mean that I will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of legal excellence for your business. Whether you are the proud proprietor of a mom and pop restaurant, or manager in a multinational tech firm, Jeanne Charles, ESQ possess the skill and expertise to ensure that your commercial law needs are taken care of to the highest possible level. When it comes to commercial and business law, there really is no scope for any mistakes. That is why it is imperative that you invest in a commercial law firm that you can really rely on. For me, good is not good enough. That is why, when you hire her legal services, you can rest assured that you are in the safest hands possible.

What are the Differences Between Commercial and Corporate Law?

Unless you are directly involved in the legal sector, chances are you won’t be familiar with the differences between commercial and corporate law. This is not a surprise and nothing to be embarrassed about. In truth, commercial and corporation law share a significant degree of legal crossover but the primary distinction between the two is that commercial law generally refers to commerce, such as the faulty purchase of a product or insolvency issues. On the other hand, corporate law deals specifically with corporations and their operation, as well as generally referring to other more macro-level issues pertaining to tax and shareholder accounts.

Commercial Awareness as Standard

At Jeanne Charles, ESQ, I am highly aware that staying informed and updated of the latest commercial law trends is a crucial part of the superior commercial law service I offer. When it comes to commercial law, changes and developments take place every single day so standing still is really not an option in this competitive environment. As you may be aware, a significant amount of commercial law that takes place nowadays revolves around business and commerce in an international context. As a competent Fort Lauderdale lawyer, I use my years of experience and thirst for the latest business-related information to ensure that my clients are kept aware of all relevant commercial developments both here in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area. By doing so, I am able to put my legal expertise into practice for the benefit of my clients.

Areas of Expertise

Jeanne Charles, ESQ specializes in commercial law, focusing on the following relevant areas:

Commercial Litigation: Widely recognized as being one of Jeanne Charles, ESQ’s legal cornerstones, commercial litigation offers a range of strategic and practical advice that will help enhance your business’s legal grounding. My client-centric approach guarantees optimal results and I guarantee to always consult closely with you and any business partners.

Commercial Transactions: With years of experience in dealing with clients from across the business spectrum, Jeanne Charles, ESQ can offer detailed and pertinent advice to retail, manufacturing and technology.