High-Quality Commercial Lawyer for West Palm Beach

As one of the leading commercial lawyers in West Palm Beach, I am proud to offer an in-depth commercial law service that can benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes. So, whether you are a business owner, manager or consumer, it makes sense that you have access to an eminent commercial legal service that has a track record of delivering real and positive results for all its clients.

What’s the Difference Between Commercial Law and Corporate Law?

The reality of the situation is that there is a significant deal of crossover between commercial and corporate law. In fact, at Jeanne Charles, ESQ much of the advice and information that we give with regards to corporate law can also be applied to commercial law. That being said, they are distinct legal entities and do contain a number of unique characteristics that need to be provided independently of each other. However, despite the fact that they are closely linked areas of the law, they are not identical. The primary difference between both of these aspects of business law is that corporate law deals with the formation and dissolution of corporate entities. By contrast, commercial law is primarily concerned with the commercial transactions of these corporations.

How Commercial Law Applies to You

Whether you are a supplier, business owner or customer, it is important to realize how important customer law is to the many everyday interactions and transactions that you may take for granted. In essence, commercial law spells out in close detail, the legal responsibilities that a business and consumer have. This set of legal and ethical responsibilities are of paramount importance for a business owner to be successful and are also key for a consumer to ensure that their rights are protected.

What many consumers and business owners fail to realize is that as soon as money exchanges from one hand to another, there is a set of obligations enacted that need to be adhered to in order to guarantee that the law is being complied with. This could involve something as simple as ensuring that the customer receives what he or she paid for and as complex as the plethora of terms and conditions that accompanies most sales of goods.

What we can do for You

With a proficiency for all commercial law matters, it stands to reason that Jeanne Charles, ESQ’s client base has grown from strength to strength in West Palm Beach. The range of services that we offer is as extensive as it is wide ranging and includes the ability to negotiate, draft and review commercial agreements. We also offer a registration resolution service with respect to issues around trademarks and consumer protection. As well as that, we also handle international trade issues such as embargoes and tariffs for companies in West Palm Beach that are dealing in business to overseas clients and customers. Finally, we also offer an extensive licensing and state registration service for a number of businesses that require this type of assistance.