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Jeanne Charles, Esq Lawyer Services
Jeanne Charles, Esq Lawyer Services
Jeanne Charles, Esq Lawyer Services

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Delivering Justice Through Dispute Resolution Services

The Approach

Jeanne Charles brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) area. Each case is very different and must be handled with the level of care, expertise and experience that is relevant to its specific facts.

The Practice

Committed to the practice area of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Significant practice experience as an attorney in Chicago, Illinois combined with the skill and dedication needed to help parties resolve disputes in a fair and efficient manner. Jeanne delivers expert services by maximinzing technology and the use of videoconferencing for mediations and arbitrations.

The Attorney

An experienced attorney since 1994 in the state of Illinois has up-to-date know how. After years of practice as an attorney, Jeanne decided to take her career in the direction of Alternative Dispute Resolution. In this role as a neutral arbitrator, mediator and factfinder, she has been able to utilizle her legal experience to facilitate the resolution of disputes fairly and effectively.

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ADR Services

Jeanne Charles is a professional of choice for providing arbitration and mediation services in the U.S., specializing in civil, commercial, employment and labor disputes. Ms. Charles is skilled and competent with years of experience resolving disputes through the courts, privately, with unions and governmental entities. Jeanne's services go way beyond presiding over hearings and mediation sessions. Her calm but firm approach to resolving disputes in a fair and efficient manner is the bedrock of her practice. In her arbitration practice, she aims to issue timely and well-reasoned decisions. When it comes to mediation, she assists the parties in drafting a clear and comprehensive agreement upon resolution.

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Background and Expertise

  • Labor and Employment Arbitrator and Mediator
  • Civil and Mediator
  • Fact Finder
  • Facilitator
  • Adjunct Professor of Law and Graduate Studies
  • Hearing Officer
  • Speaker and Presenter

The office will be happy to help you if you are seeking alternative dispute resolution services for yourself or on behalf of your company or government organization.


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Delivering Justice Through Dispute Resolution Services

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Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) incorporates a variety of processes that serve as an alternative path to justice and resolution of disputes outside of traditional litigation. The goal of ADR is to be fair, efficient and less expensive than litigation. ADR includes arbitration, mediation, factfinding and med-arb. Arbitrators are private judges selected by the parties in dispute who render final and binding decisions. Mediators guide the parties in reaching an agreement but do not decide the case. Factfinding is typically used when parties reach a negotiation impasse. The factfinder evaluates evidence presented by the parties and reaches conclusions of fact, typically, with recommendations on how to resolve the impasse. In the med-arb process, the neutral tries to help the parties reach agreement but if they cannot, he or she will make a decision that resolves the dispute.

The hallmark of a quality dispute resolution professional is one that is committed to serving the process of ADR with integrity and honor. He or she should demonstrate through education, experience, skill and interest the ability to preside over a process where each parties feels, regardless of outcome, that they were heard. This is justice.