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Practice Areas

Labor and Employment Arbitration and Mediation

Ms. Charles has rendered hundreds of arbitration awards and other findings in connection with union grievances and other complaints. Similarly, through mediating these types of disputes, she has enabled parties to reach agreement on terms suitable to them. Her deep understanding of the dynamics of the workplace and the laws that govern it has been the hallmark of her ability to bring disputes regarding matters of discrimination, contract interpretation, discipline and others to a final and binding decision.

Commercial and Consumer Arbitration and Mediation

Ms. Charles is listed with the American Arbitration Association on its commercial and consumer arbitration rosters. Handling such cases require an appreciation for the intricacies of litigation. Due to years of experience in contract drafting and dispute resolution regarding matters of contract interpretation, Ms. Charles is poised to deal with the complexities that arise in these cases to efficiently move them along to a final ruling. She also has years of experience in mediating these types of disputes privately and through court-annexed mediation.

Issues Handled

AWOL, Absenteeism, Alcoholism, Arbitrability, Awards; Bargaining Impasse Resolutions; Bargaining Unit Certification; Contracting Out; Demotion; Disability Discrimination; Discipline (Non-discharge); Discipline (Discharge); Drugs and Alcohol; Duty of Fair Representation; Excessive Use of Force; Fringe Benefits; Grievance Mediation; Holiday Pay; Interest Arbitration; Leave; Overtime Pay, Past Practice; Race/Gender Discrimination; Sexual Harassment; Falsification; FMLA; FLSA; Insurance; Insubordination; Interest Arbitrations; Work Schedules; Management Rights; Misuse of Employer Property; Office Moves; Official Time; Performance; Promotions; Reduction-In-Force (RIF); Theft; Social Media; Seniority; Sports; Vacation Pay and Violence.

Industries Served

Airlines, Clerical, Communications, Education, Financial, Federal Sector-Grievance; Federal Sector-Interest, Food, Government, Healthcare, Hotels/Resorts, Insurance, Machinery, Mining, Non-Profit Organizations, Police and Fire, Prison Guard, Professional Sports, Public Sector-Grievance, Public Sector-Interest, Railroads, Technical, Tobacco, Transportation and Utilities.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) incorporates a variety of processes that serve as an alternative path to justice and resolution of disputes outside of traditional litigation. The goal of ADR is to be fair, efficient and less expensive than litigation. ADR includes arbitration, mediation, factfinding and med-arb. Arbitrators are private judges selected by the parties in dispute who render final and binding decisions. Mediators guide the parties in reaching an agreement but do not decide the case. Factfinding is typically used when parties reach a negotiation impasse. The factfinder evaluates evidence presented by the parties and reaches conclusions of fact, typically, with recommendations on how to resolve the impasse. In the med-arb process, the neutral tries to help the parties reach agreement but if they cannot, he or she will make a decision that resolves the dispute.

The hallmark of a quality dispute resolution professional is one that is committed to serving the process of ADR with integrity and honor. He or she should demonstrate through education, experience, skill and interest the ability to preside over a process where each parties feels, regardless of outcome, that they were heard. This is justice.