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Commercial Law Specialist

If you are looking for a law office with a client-centered approach and a track record of delivering optimal results, you should look no further than Jeanne Charles, ESQ. By combining the latest commercial awareness with an unrivalled legal experience, I can deliver a professional service that is simply unrivalled. The client-centered approach to my law office means that you will always be Jeanne Charles, ESQ’s number one priority. On top of that, the competitive prices offered mean that no matter how big or small your company is, you can rest assured that you will be in a position to benefit from this superior law service. Don’t take chances with less attentive law offices when the number option is here for you to use.

Experienced Commercial Property Lawyer

Commercial property law is a legal area that Jeanne Charles, ESQ has immense expertise in. Drawing on my years of experience in this field, I can guarantee a service that will deliver real and positive results for all my clients. Given the massive growth in this legal sphere in recent years, it is important to have a preeminent legal presence on your side, and Jeanne Charles, ESQ does just that. With expertise in aspects as diverse acquisitions to development and everything in between, it is fair to say that Jeanne Charles, ESQ knows a thing or two about the commercial property law sector. The areas of expertise that I provide include:

Investment Structures: Jeanne Charles, ESQ offers and recommends a range of appropriate structure services for property acquisition and holding. This service can benefit corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships and other joint ventures to achieve optimal business objectives in terms of risk mitigation and tax efficiencies.

Acquisition and Disposition: Whether you’re a corporation or limited partnership, the fact of the matter is that properties of the scale of shopping centers, office complexes and large residential units require a close and detailed legal perspective. With expertise in the review and consideration of existing leases, zoning and related municipal issues, Jeanne Charles, ESQ can ensure that all the legal boxes are ticked.

Finance of Commercial Properties: Representing both borrowers and lenders, Jeanne Charles, ESQ possess in-depth knowledge in a wide range of financing arrangements pertaining to real estate and commercial matters. We advise our clients on all aspects of finance from primary and subordinate loans to financial restructuring.

Construction and Infrastructure: With years of experience in creating and developing public/private partnerships, Jeanne Charles, ESQ can provide detailed and succinct assistance on issues from tendering and procurement to risk management and general construction. In addition, we also serve as independent fairness monitors when it comes to issues relating to procurements.

Avoid the Stress of the Courtroom

You don’t need to be a legal expert to know that entering court for a commercial litigation case is not cheap. That is why when you choose Jeanne Charles, ESQ as your team of legal representatives you can trust that I will make every effort to come to a resolution through any other method of legal dispute.

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